Bishop Douglas I. Miles (Courtesy Photo)

By Bishop Douglas I. Miles

November 3rd will be the most significant political statement made in America since President Lincoln rejected the idea that the union could be dissolved by states not happy with the results of an election. This election if won by Donald Trump and undergirded by Republican control of the Senate and House will lead this country on a path no one in America’s past ever envisioned could happen.

To date we have witnessed this administration flaunt Congressional oversight and budget making authority. This President has rejected the idea that cabinet members can be successfully subpoenaed without his approval and he has used the courts through the appeals process to reject the idea that a sitting president be held accountable by any means other than the impeachment process. This present crowd of Republican legislators made mockery of the impeachment process by its inability to rise above partisan politics to statesmanship to convict a president obviously guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. The president continues to mislead the nation about the current pandemic and feuds with his own experts about how best to handle it.  He has ruthlessly gone after created and imaginary enemies, attacked the character or sanity of too many to be named, turned on members of his own administration as they sought to honor the Constitution and has taken actions no president before him has done-all without accountability.

If he’s given a second term, he will undoubtedly continue to dismantle what have been venerated institutions, use the Justice Department as his personal bludgeoning tool and pack the Supreme Court with justices who will have to break their necks just to look to the center.  Gone will be all safeguards possibly even term limitations for the president as we drift towards an authoritarian government. The free press will become a thing of memory and not an active independent part of America. 

Just as a marriage license is only as binding as the people who pledge their fidelity to one another so too the Constitution will be revealed to be only as strong as the person occupying the White House says that it is.  And then maybe the reality is dawning on us, by how its been trampled, that the Constitution is just another piece of paper.

Bishop Douglas I. Miles is the pastor of Koinonia Baptist Church.

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