The New York Police Department is facing a federal discrimination complaint over the alleged actions of its Intelligence Division.

According to NY1, the bias complaint says that the NYPD Intelligence Division hires

White officers ahead of more qualified Black officers and maintains a secret list of officers to be promoted.

The complaint says “…the NYPD has chosen to cloak promotions in secrecy and give the all-white high level supervisors who run the Intelligence Division unfettered discretion to handpick white detectives for promotions over more qualified African American detectives.”

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly denied the allegations and insists the NYPD has made a historic number of promotions among African Americans in its ranks.

“We have had an 84 percent increase of first grade detectives. We have had a 30 percent increase in second grade detectives, all African Americans,” said Kelly.

The NYPD has had its issues with public perception over its practices in the rank and file and how it practices law enforcement. There have been instances where its police officers have shot and killed unarmed Black men.

Earlier this month a rally was held in Brooklyn to protest random searches of Black and Latino men and Kelly admitted that he is disturbed by racist comments allegedly posted on Facebook by police offers after the West Indian Day Parade in September where a Brooklyn City Councilman was handcuffed.

The complaint was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by the New York Civil Liberties Union. Under EEOC procedures the matter can be settled through mediation or become the subject of a federal EEOC investigation. If the EEOC hasn’t found a violation, the NYCLU will be given the right to sue. If the NYPD refuses to cooperate with the investigation, the EEOC can subpoena police administrative records.