Oprah’s television network is facing some rough times, and now her magazine is in a similar bind.

According to advertising and media magazine Adweek, the Audit Bureau of Circulations announced that sales of O magazine plunged 32 percent in the second half last year after falling 8 percent in the first half.

An O representative told Adweek that the news wasn’t a surprise due to the daytime queen ending her show, and the country’s current economic woes. The spokesperson said that the magazine was able to curb second-half circulation losses to just 5 percent due to an increase in subscriptions.

At the time Oprah’s show ended last year, O publishers did not believe the development would impact sales, and said the publication would satisfy fans with their Oprah fix.

“The magazine continues to be the purest platform for her mission,” Jill Seelig, vice-president of the Hearst Corporation told Adweek last year. “Oprah will continue to be on the cover as she’s always been.”

The circulation bureau found that U.S. magazine sales overall dipped nearly 10 percent in the second half of 2011 and total circulation had decreased to 302 million in that same time period from 306 in 2010.

Winfrey’s OWN is also experiencing tough times, as the network is struggling to win viewers amid a $12 million injection from its parent company Discovery Communications. Facing low viewership, Rosie O’Donnell’s show on the network was forced to layoff 30 people and move to a smaller studio.