President Obama has decided to turn the tables on the “birther” movement and make money for his 2012 reelection campaign at the same time, selling t-shirts and mugs making light of the controversy.

“Last year, the President said, ‘I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead,’” Obama’s 2012 campaign manager Julianna Smoot told supporters in an e-mail, according to the American Foreign Press. “This is about as close as we can get.”

The mugs and shirts are emblazoned with the phrase “Made in the USA” under a picture of Obama with the president’s long-form birth certificate on the opposite side.

Despite evidence to the contrary, there are still some who question the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate. According to Jerome Corsi, a New Jersey-based writer associated with conspiracy theories and author of the 2011 book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” the long-form birth certificate is a “fraudulent document.”

“I was very surprised the White House, when they released this birth certificate, did not submit the original document, the original paper document to independent forensic testing,” he told

However, those running Obama’s campaign know that people like Corsi will always question Obama’s citizenship. With the mugs and shirts, they’re just trying to find a productive way to deal with it.

“There’s no way to make this stuff completely go away,” a message on Obama’s campaign Web site said. “The only thing we can do is laugh at it—and make sure as many other people as possible are in on the joke.”