As Halloween approaches, a group of students at Ohio University are spearheading a movement to speak out about racially offensive costumes.

According to, Students Teaching About Racism (STARS) recently launched a campaign deemed “We’re a Culture, Not a Costume.” The movement aims to spur discussion about Halloween costumes that parody other races through a series of posters.

Since the group launched the posters on their president’s Tumblr page, they’ve garnered over 8,000 views and have received national attention.

According to, the campaign also roused the interest of other universities across the nation who want to distribute the posters across their campuses as well.

STARS President and Ohio University student Sarah Williams recently released a statement on the movement.

“These posters act as a public service announcement for colored communities,” Williams said. “It’s about respect, human dignity, and the acceptance of other cultures. Although some Halloween costumes aren’t as racist as the Blackface minstrel shows back in the day, they harken to similar prejudices. What these costumes have in common is that they make caricatures out of cultures, and that is simply not okay.”