Bishop Douglas I. Miles (Courtesy Photo)

By Bishop Douglas Miles

If until now there has never lived a leader who embodies the spirit of despot First Lady Marie Antoinette, Donald J. Trump has resurrected her vile spirit. As France bolted toward revolution when told that the people didn’t have bread to eat, Marie Antoinette uttered words that have forever cast her as one of the most despicable characters in history, “Let them eat cake!” That’s the attitude exhibited by the current president as he ordered his staff to break off negotiations for a much needed second round of stimulus money for working America, small businesses and major corporations that find themselves pushed to layoff hundreds of thousands of employees. Let them wait until AFTER the election for a new, big and beautiful package.

That position condemns millions to longer waits in already stressed out food lines, to expired or expiring unemployment benefits, to homelessness for those unable to meet mortgage or rent payments and closure and/or bankruptcy for thousands of small businesses already hanging on to knots tied in fraying ropes. It is easy for a billionaire to say wait, easy for someone who has never known a day of want in his life. It is easy for someone living in free government housing, with food and servants paid for by our tax dollars to say wait. It easy for him who will not look in the eyes of his children and wonder where their next meal will come from.  “Wait until after the election.” is in effect saying to those in need, “Let them eat cake!” 

Bishop Douglas Miles
Senior Pastor, Koinonia Baptist Church