Dear Governor Hogan:

I write on behalf of my constituents and all the Marylanders who are affected by your recent decision to appoint Mr. Roger Hayden to the Baltimore County school board to replace outgoing board member, Mrs. Romaine Williams.

I want to be clear that I have no concerns about Mr. Hayden’s credentials as he has been a dedicated public servant who has served both as a former Baltimore County Executive, and former school board member, including serving as President of the school board for six years. My concern is his ability to faithfully serve in this position.

Julian E. Jones, Jr. (Courtesy Photo)

Mr. Hayden’s appointment represents a dangerous trend that is being set by your Administration that is not representative of the population being served. With his selection, you have now appointed the majority of the 12-member board, and it must be acknowledged that the last eight appointments have all been white individuals.

As Governor, you have a responsibility to Baltimore County residents to appoint school board members that best represents the population being served. By diminishing the racial representation of school board members, you are diminishing the role of communities of color in Baltimore County —a school district that is majority minority.

The local trend is even more concerning, following what recently occurred when you refused to reappoint Mr. Solon Webb to the Anne Arundel County School Board, creating an all-White board, according to the Baltimore Sun.

In Baltimore County, and across our state, we recognize that our diversity is our strength and that as elected leaders we have an immutable responsibility to ensure that our children can attend a school system focused on increasing equity and opportunity for every child.

For these reasons, I urge you to immediately reconsider your decision and to pursue equitable and inclusive numbers of appointees in Baltimore County and throughout our state.

Please contact me at your earliest opportunity to discuss your intentions in this regard. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

Julian E. Jones, Jr. is the fourth district councilman in Baltimore County.