By AFRO Staff

Waterfront Partnership’s Healthy Harbor Initiative announced its third pledge recruitment for “Order of the Wheel,” a not-so-secret society with the goal of spreading grassroots environmental action, on April 13. This year, each recruitment challenge was created with social distancing and families in mind.

The Healthy Harbor initiative provides a roadmap for cleaning up Baltimore’s Harbor and the waterways leading to the Harbor, and the Order of the Wheel society was inspired by the overwhelming dedication from thousands of Mr. Trash Wheel fans who want to maintain a trash-free inner harbor. To be inducted, recruits must complete five tasks over the next five weeks that demonstrate their commitment to a clean and healthy environment. Members will receive a secret code name, an original demo of the “Mr. Trash Wheel” song, knowledge of the secret handshake, induction instructions and other members-only perks. 

“We wanted to make these tasks fun and educational for those with families at home, as well as a way to connect with nature and others virtually,” said Adam Lindquist, director of the Healthy Harbor Initiative for the Waterfront Partnership. “We hope Order of the Wheel can provide a brief respite and pick-me-up during these otherwise challenging times.”

In two years, the Order of the Wheel pledge recruitment had 2,457 recruits and 553 of those people completed all tasks and were inducted into the Order of the Wheel. All are welcome and encouraged to participate before the end of the application period on May 11.  All tasks must be completed by midnight on May 24. Current members are strongly encouraged to participate and recruit new members.

For more information about the Healthy Harbor Initiative and the Order of the Wheel recruitment process, visit and