By AFRO Staff

Dr. Julius Scott, the two-time president of Paine College, has died, the Augusta Chronicle reported Thursday.

Paine College is a historically Black Methodists liberal arts college that has been an Augusta institution since 1882.

Dr. Julius Scott (Courtesy Image, University System of Georgia)

“While building a bridge to the community, he built the school to new heights,” an August 2 Augusta Chronicle Editorial read. “He helped increase both academic quality and faculty salaries. He also helped pull Paine out of debt. He won the respect of the college’s Board of Trustees and the admiration of the student body.”

Dr. Scott’s first presidency lasted from 1975 to 1982, his second lasted from 1988 to 1994. He had administrated over several other colleges and universities, including the Medical College of Georgia, Savannah State University, Albany State University, Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, and Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas. He taught at Brown University, the HBCUs Spelman College and Texas Southern University.

“His long career took him all over the map, but he never lost his direction – to teach and to lead, empowered by his unwavering faith in God,” the same editorial continued. “As we mourn, Dr. Scott is with Him now.”