By Marnita Coleman, Special to AFRO

We tend to spruce up things a bit whenever we have guests, or company, over the house. We want our guests to experience all of the comfort of a tidy home. Sometimes, we even go a little over the top to just to impress them. Well, what happens when you are not expecting guests, and it’s just you and your family? What hidden gems or special things do you have for your loved ones?

I was inspired by something that I listened to, recently, about giving your family the best that you’ve got. The person, whose name I don’t recall, said her husband serves meals to their family on fine china every single day. 

(1946) This AFRO archive shows Darryl Hill relaxing at Sparrow’s Beach in Maryland.

“Why should I save the best for the guest?” she questioned.   

Motivated by her insight, I decided to step up my personal game. I went on a mini shopping spree, buying some new items that I thought my family would appreciate. I upgraded various accessories around our home including new pillows, elegant throws, cutesy wall hangings, sophisticated dessert dishes for our ice cream soiree with friends, and a few other surprises that I knew they would enjoy.

My daughter noticed the changes and asked me if we were expecting company. When I told her no, her facial expression was a little perplexed. She couldn’t seem to understand why I would buy these nice things if no one was coming over. I told her again, that no one was coming over: not “important” company, not “regular’ company. Just us. “You got the good stuff just for us?” she asked. I nodded my head in agreement, still observing her response. She finally said with a smile, “I love how you do that, mom!”  

Why not get the good stuff just for you and your family? You all deserve it.

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