By Marnita Coleman, Special to AFRO

Who doesn’t get a little distracted every now and then? Our children are no exception to the rule.  As you may know by now, they are very easily distracted, but instead of getting frustrated and flying off the handle, be prepared for when it happens. 

Gently redirect their attention to what they are expected to do or where they should be. Do this by constantly reminding your children of the goal or mission for the hour, the day, the week, etcetera. Put a deadline on the project, one that you both can agree to, and stick to that completion time. Regardless of whether it is homework or watering the lawn, this directive will reset their focus, give them a clear and attainable target, and make them accountable to get it done.

(1950) This AFRO archive shows Carlitha, Rosa, and Carles Phears, children of Ms. Theol Phears, running to school on a rainy day.

Remember, the keyword is “gently.” Keep in mind that this is to build your children up, therefore, speak in warm tones with age-appropriate words, and don’t forget to smile. A loud or harsh response does not always result in a direct obedience, but patience and love can create win-win situations.

We want our children to know the success of staying focused. A sense of accomplishment is one of the best self-esteem boosters that your child can have,  so stay calm! We are with them when they go aray, and we are also there to help them get back on the right track!

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