Penn State coach Mike McQueary said he acted to stop former coach Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse of a child in a 2002 incident he allegedly witnessed, and contacted police about the matter.

In an e-mail to a friend leaked to the Associated Press, McQueary said he stopped the abuse in progress and contacted the police.

“I did stop it, not physically…but made sure it was stopped when I left that locker room,” McQueary wrote, according to the AP. “I did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police…no one can imagine my thoughts or wants to be in my shoes for those 30-45 seconds…trust me.”

According to The Huffington Post, McQueary continued, “Do with this what you want…but I am getting hammered for handling this the right way…or what I thought at the time was right…I had to make tough impacting quick decisions.”

McQueary was placed on administrative leave Nov. 11 following threats against his life and an ongoing controversy over a grand jury indictment of Sandusky, in which McQueary is said to have seen the abuse in progress and left the premises to talk to his father about what to do.

The indictment does not give any indication that he stopped the alleged attack in progress or spoke with any authorities in the immediate aftermath.

“If in fact he did go and he didn’t say that to the grand jury, then he would be subject to perjury charges,” Former Prosecutor Robert Gillespie Jr. told The Atlantic Wire.

The e-mail message did not specify a police department where the report was made. On Nov. 16, State College Police Chief Tom King told The Huffington Post that McQueary didn’t report the incident to his department. Penn State spokeswoman Lisa M. Powers, told CNN in an e-mail on Nov. 16, that campus police have no record of a report by McQueary.

“Today was the first we have heard of this through the media,” she said.

In an interview outside his home, McQueary told CBS News that the case has left him “all over the place—just kind of shaken…like a snow globe.” McQueary declined further comment on the case.

“This process has to play out,” he told CBS News. “I don’t have anything else to say.”

In a Nov. 14 interview with Bob Costas, Sandusky denied the rape and sodomy accusations, but admitted to showering and “horsing around” with several boys, saying that doing so was a mistake.