A Philadelphia police officer has been arrested and charged with rape after a 32-year-old woman alleged that the officer forced her to perform sexual acts in his squad car.

Keith Corley, 27, a four-year veteran of the force has been suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss as a result of the Aug. 11 incident. He’s been charged with rape, indecent assault and sexual assault. His gun and badge have been taken away from him.

“Obviously, it’s something of great concern. It’s another, you know, black mark against the Department but again it doesn’t represent everyone on the Department,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey told KYW News in Philadelphia. “None of this is tolerable and we’ll take whatever action we need to take to rid our ranks of them.”

According to reports, the victim and the police officer encountered each other at about 4 a.m. at a bus station. Police said the victim told them Corley offered her a ride in his patrol car to the 69th Street Terminal.

Instead of taking her there directly, the victim alleged, Corley took her to an area in Cobbs Creek and forced her to perform the sexual act. Then he took her to the 69th Street Terminal.

According to reports, the victim immediately told a transit police officer what happened.

WPVI News in Philadelphia reports that DNA test results came back last week matched Corley to the crime.