Weeks after her husband was elected to a second term as president, first lady Michelle Obama is riding high on the waves of positive public opinion, according to a recent survey conducted by Democratic-leaning pollsters Public Policy Polling.

In a poll of 500 Illinois residents taken between Nov. 26 and Nov. 28, registered voters weighed in on everything from same-sex marriage to their favorite National Football League teams.

Results from the survey show that not only does the Commander-in-Chief’s better half have a 60 percent approval rating, but she could beat out Republican Sen. Mark Kirk if she were to run for his seat in Congress in four years.

“If Michelle Obama decided she wanted to follow the Hillary Clinton route once her husband leaves office in 2016 and go to the Senate, she’d have the upper hand on Mark Kirk,” Public Policy Polling said in a statement.

“She leads him 51/40 in a hypothetical head to head,” the group said. “Kirk’s approval numbers are ok, with 34 percent of voters approving of him to 19 percent who disapprove. But those numbers are no match for the first lady, who’s seen positively by 60 percent of voters 33 percent with a negative .”

Those polled also gave Obama an approval rating of 57 percent, with 56 percent saying they voted for him in November’s general election.

Participants also said that they believed Obama should refuse pardon requests for former Illinois governors Rod Blagojevich, convicted on 18 charges related to corruption in 2011, and George Ryan, convicted for fraud and racketeering in 2006.

On same sex-marriage, 68 percent of those polled said they were for the idea of letting constituents decide the matter in a vote, with 47 percent saying they would vote in favor of a law allowing same-sex marriage.


Alexis Taylor

AFRO Staff Writer