BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — Pre-schoolers and young children now have a new way to learn about faith, thanks to a book release by Connecticut-based writer Cristal Baker. Popsicle Goes to Church, is a storybook with faith and God at its heart.

The book takes readers on a journey with a friendly five year-old girl. As with any good story, there’s a twist – her faith, determination and love for her sick puppy get her into a bit of a pickle.

“Don’t worry, everything turns out well in the end,” Baker told {}.

“However, along the way, children will have a compelling opportunity to learn about faith and the importance of believing in God. It’s important that the idea of faith isn’t allowed to dwindle as time progresses. Therefore, I have attempted to re-connect with young children in a fun and engaging way.”

Critics praise Baker, a committed Christian and strong follower of God’s word, and her work for its efforts in re-instituting children with the Christian faith.

As the author explains, her love of children wouldn’t exist had God not blessed her with their gift. “Every child is special and every child is valuable. Therefore, it’s vitally important that no child is denied the opportunity to explore faith, Christianity and ultimately, the existence of God,” she concludes.


Special to the AFRO