State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks

The Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Office has announced some of their plans for reducing crime in the county through both legislation and community initiatives.  State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks will be working to make sure officials and community members are on board.

On March 10 at 1 p.m., there will be a hearing on HB 1371, a bill introduced by Maryland Del. William Folden, R-Frederick County, that would make strangulation a first-degree assault offense and task the Police Training Commission with developing a specified lethality screening protocol.

“Strangulation often occurs in domestic violence situations but it can be very tough to prove because there may be no physical evidence that it actually happened… which would then be the basis for what the state has to prove in a trial to sustain a strangulation charge,” said John Erzen, spokesman for the State’s Attorney’s Office.

Another bill, SB577 would address the issue of violence against children and will receive a hearing on March 3.

“If passed, this legislation would require medical professionals and those in the education field to notify the appropriate law enforcement and social service agencies if a threat of harm is made against a child,” said Erzen.

On April 2, at National Harbor, there also will be a Crime Victims Fund Run to raise monies to aid victims of violent crimes.

Additionally, on the fourth day of every month, there will be a Community Courthouse, which will provide a forum for residents to share their concerns about upcoming cases or matters within their community.