President Barack Obama and NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan, two very inspirational figures in the African-American community, exchanged words recently over the Web.  However, the conversation was one that many may have not envisioned.


Jordan had an interview last month with NBA TV host Ahmad Rashad and the topic of playing golf came up.  When asked about whom he would play with, President Obama’s name came up.

“I’ve never played with Obama,” Jordan told Rashad.  “But I would.”

Immediately after his answer, Jordan had a change of mind.

“No, that’s OK,” Jordan said. “He’s a hack. … I never said he wasn’t a great politician. I’m just saying he’s a s–tty golfer.”

Obama had a response for Jordan in an interview with WJMR-FM in Wisconsin.

“Michael wasn’t very well informed about this,” Obama said. “I think he might’ve just been trying to give Ahmad an extra ratings boost on his show. There is no doubt that Michael is a better golfer than I am. Of course, if I was playing twice a day for the last 15 years, then that might not be the case. He might want to spend more time thinking about the Bobcats or maybe the Hornets.”

The Charlotte Hornets, formerly known as the Charlotte Bobcats, is an NBA franchise started by Jordan in 2004.  Since forming his team, the Bobcats have only been to the NBA playoffs two times. They were swept in the first round both times in the postseason.

The Hornets are currently 2-3 in the 2014-15 regular season.