(April 2nd, 2020) — First generation college graduate Sasha Frank is giving college students a free copy of her memoir ‘Introducing Sasha Frank’ (which can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble), to help them navigate through any traumatic and uncontrollable event, including the coronavirus quarantine.

As a first-generation graduate, Sasha Frank was one of the many who slipped through the cracks, forcing her into her own traumatic turn of events. Creative Sasha Frank says, “rather than allowing closed doors and the unexpected to stop me from moving forward or push me into bowing down to fear, I chose to create. This trauma gave me a second chance, to see what was important, to use my newfound gift to help others, and to live life on purpose.”

While jobless, she was able to recall her childhood love for music and writing. Turning pain into treasure, Sasha Frank wants to comfort others — who have or may go through a season such as this—through song and books.

Coupled with her ebook ‘Introducing Sasha Frank’ (which has been made free for college students and others needing to find home), Sasha Frank is set to release single “2nd Chance” on April 10th, 2020 to help people through this quarantine period.

“I want to be the friend that I wish I had in the most dire, traumatic experience of my life.” says author Sasha Frank.

“I also share my journey via podcast ‘Introducing Sasha Frank’, where I speak about my obstacles, facing fear, overcoming, and practical tips for the college student, first generation or not.” Currently streaming live on her IG | @sashafrank or via Spotify and Apple Podcast.