Baltimore, Md.– Prostate cancer awareness advocate Robert Ginyard of Inspire Apparel is giving back to the cause with the launch of his new inspirational t-shirt ‘DiBi DiBi’ – Dream it. Believe it. Do it. Be it.

Ginyard has made prostate cancer awareness one of his priorities in life since being diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago. He attributes the first day of his eight week radiation treatments as his inspiration for Dibi Dibi. “While lying on the radiation table, I asked myself two questions: how did I get here and what have I done with my life up to this point,” says Ginyard. It was at that moment, Ginyard made a promise that after his cancer journey was over he would make an earnest effort to pursue his dreams that had been sitting dormant for many years.

Nearly two years after his last treatment, Ginyard found that he had not fully lived up to his promise. He was still dreaming, but not following through to make things happen. “I became content with just being alive, which is a good thing, but I wasn’t living life to its fullest,” he adds. But that all changed one restless night when his purpose came to him and caused him to get out of bed and scribble a message.

The message: DiBi DiBi. As he began to question what it meant, it became clear to him: Dream it. Believe it. Do it. Be it. The next day he went to work getting his motto for life emblazoned on a shirt and started the process of reenergizing his dreams and helping others. Now Ginyard’s message and his shirts are creating a buzz when he wears them and when he shares his story.

The phrase, “DiBi DiBi- Dream it. Believe it. Do it. Be it.” is becoming the perfect catch phrase for encouragement, inspiration and a mindset for those who dare to dream.

The DiBi DiBi line of t-shirts is made of soft 100 percent preshrunk cotton and available in six colors: natural, tan, yellow, pink, lilac and light pink. Dibi Dibi shirts are available for purchase online at Ten percent of the sale of each shirt will be donated to Zero: The End of Prostate Cancer.

“We are very grateful that Robert volunteers his time on our board of directors and thank him for his generous donation to ZERO,” said Jamie Bearse, ZERO’s CEO. “As a young, energetic survivor, his message of hope and encouragement helps and inspires many men who are fighting prostate cancer.”