A man named Baltimore’s Public Enemy #1 has been arrested for the murder of a mother of eight back in June.

Baltimore’s Public Enemy #1, Darius Neal.

Charmaine Wilson, 37, was gunned down in front of her home and in front of her children on June 12, roughly an hour after she called police to her neighborhood for a dispute between her son and other residents.

Police responded to the 1700 block of Gertrude Street for a call from Wilson at about 9:30 p.m.,that indicated one of her sons was being bullied by older neighborhood kids who were trying to steal his bike.

Less than an hour after police left, officers responded to that same neighborhood for a report of a shooting.

Wilson was found with gunshot wounds and pronounced dead a short time later at an area hospital.

“They did this, again, in such a reckless and egregious way because the police were just here,” said Baltimore City Police Chief Spokesman T.J. Smith at a press conference in June.

“It looks like a situation where an ongoing dispute was happening in this community between her and maybe her children and some other people, and some coward with a gun came back and shot her,” said Smith.

On Sunday Baltimore Police announced the arrest of a suspect in the murder of Wilson almost 2 months after her death.

According to authorities, Darius Neal, 18, of the 800 block of Whitmore Ave, was taken into custody in the 700 block of East Baltimore Street around 4:30 p.m.

Neal was announced as Baltimore’s Public Enemy #1 just three days ago.

“On June 12 of this year, Darius Neal made the decision to end a neighborhood dispute with a gun,” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis.

“Because of his decision, eight children will never see their mother again,” said Davis.

Neal is being held without bail and faces a charge of first degree murder, among other charges.