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Steven White, co-owner of Different Regard, in his shop on N. Howard Street. (AFRO/Photo by Roberto Alejandro)

Sleeves that are too long or too short, shoulders that don’t quite fit, extra room for a stomach you do not yet have, or not enough for the one you do. Buying a suit that fits can present a challenge for many men, but at Different Regard, suits and other men’s garments are made-to-measure, built to the customer’s size and design specifications.

Owners Dominick Davis (an Iraq war veteran) and Steven White opened Different Regard, located on Baltimore’s Antique Row on N. Howard Street, almost four years ago.  The boutique displays the owners’ own in-house designs of suits, blazers, shirts, ties, and other accessories. Hats and shoes are also on display, designed out of house.

But Different Regard specializes in made-to-measure suits and clothing, garments made with the customer’s choice of fabric, style preferences, and to his exact measurements.

“A lot of our clients already know what they want,” said White. “They might already have an idea, they might’ve already seen a picture with a gentleman with a particular shirt or suit, so they come in here pretty much piggy-backing off of what they’ve already seen or know. Then we have some gentlemen who have no idea or clue, so that’s where we come in at, and we sit them and we walk them through the whole concept of made-to-measure.”

Many of the garments produced by Different Regard are made at their Howard Street location, while those designs which they produce in larger quantities are made by a company whose factories are in New Jersey and Woodstock, Md.,—somewhat unusual for a made-to-measure business, which tends to outsource production of all garments to parts of Asia where costs are lower.

Different Regard’s showroom, located at 842 N. Howard St. in Baltimore. (AFRO/Photo by Roberto Alejandro)

But producing clothing here in the United States, much of it in Baltimore, is an important aspect of Different Regard’s brand identity.

“Different Regard is a self-made brand,” said White. “It isn’t a brand that we took from someone else and are reselling. This is what we put our hard work into, this is our passion, these are all local designs that me and Dominick came up with.”

The shop offers other services as well, including alterations, styling services, as well as a concierge service which will pick up towards the summer.

“That way we can pretty much go to the gentlemen who can’t come to us or is not as accessible ,” said White. “A few of our clients have disabilities, so it would be easier for us to go to them.”

The thing that sets Different Regard apart more than anything else, said White, is quality.

“You can go anywhere to get made-to-measure, but if that quality isn’t there it’s not going to be the same,” said White.

Different Regard is located at 841 N. Howard St. on Baltimore’s Antique Row. The shop is open by appointment on Monday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, and from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday-Saturday. The store is closed on Sundays.