Political signs which have cropped up amid a Texas city council race have been labeled racist by the candidate they target.

Shahid Shafi, who is running for the Republican nomination for city council in Southlake, Tex., a suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, said the signs listing some of his campaign donors have racial overtones, as all of those listed have names suggesting Middle Eastern or South Asia origins. The primary election was conducted May 14.

“The donors being attacked on these signs are our family, friends and fellow doctors, including my brother,” Shafi, who was born in India and raised in Pakistan, told The McKinney Courier Gazette. “Some of them live out of town. These people are rooting for us for they see this campaign as yet another opportunity to give back to the city and the country that has given us so much.”

The signs were paid for by former Southlake City Councilman Greg Standerfer, who has endorsed Shafi’s opponent, Martin Schelling. The signs list the names of 13 out-of-town donors, all appearing to be of Middle Eastern descent.

According to reports, of Shafi’s 114 campaign donors, about 60 are from out-of-town donors. Schelling reportedly has only seven out-of-town donors.

Standerfer told KDAF 33 News in Dallas-Fort Worth that he just listed the out-of-town names on a campaign finance report who donated $500 or more.

“I did not pick and choose from the names on the report,” Standerfer said. “They are every single name on the report. If it happens to be those of a foreign origin, that’s only because that was on his report.”

Even Schelling was caught off guard by the signs, telling Dallas-Fort.Worth CW affiliate KDAF that they were “distasteful.” But he said he won’t ask Standerfer to remove them.