Authorities in Ohio are investigating the appearance of racist flyers left around a neighborhood in the wake of a murder-suicide of a local interracial teen couple.

According to reports, the flyers left in Deerfield Township, Ohio were addressed to White parents, their headline reading “Don’t Let Your Daughters Date Blacks, It Might Be a Matter of Life and Death.”

“Some bigot came in the middle of the night, skulking in the middle of the night, putting this on people’s cars,” resident Greg Stanforth told Cincinnati NBC affiliate WLWT.

“I thought this stuff belonged in the 1950s with the ,” Stanforth added. “I cannot imagine how it must hurt these people to see how their tragedy is being utilized for somebody else’s hate.”

On Aug. 3, 18-year-old Troy Penn killed his girlfriend, Amanda Borsos, 17, with a shotgun. According to reports, Penn fled to his home, initiating a standoff with police which ended with him taking his own life.

A White supremacist group, the National Alliance, based in West Virginia claimed responsibility for the flyers. According to the organization’s Web site, it believes “multiculturalism” is destroying the United States and Great Britain.

“The long-term demographic trend toward a darker world, which the disastrous policies of the last century have caused, must not only be halted; it must be reversed,” the Web site states.

Meanwhile, Warren County, Ohio Sheriff Larry Sims said he wants to identify the person or persons passing out the flyers. While the flyers may be protected under the First Amendment and distribution of them may not be illegal, the backlash they have sparked could become a public safety concern.

“On the surface we don’t know that there is anything criminally wrong, but they certainly are inciting,” Sims told The Dayton Daily News. “The language in there is certainly very disturbing; we’d like to know the motivation behind it. There is no indication at all this homicide-suicide was racially driven.”