Sterling Silver Jazz Band

Sterling Silver Jazz Quartet with Dr. Guy Bragg, founder and keyboardist; Harold Adams on sax, Darrell Taylor on drums, Daryl Adams on bass and Bobette Watts Hitchcock, vocals will perform on May 14 from 2-5 p.m. at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, 3121 Walbrook Avenue in Baltimore. For ticket information call 410-363-2633.

Hello everyone, I hope all the mommies had a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend. Hoping this weekend brings more warm weather with the sun and less of the liquid sunshine (rain).

Griot Grandmother Edna Lawrence, known affectionately as “Grandmother Edna” has over 30 years of community services and is an inductee at the Maryland Women’s Heritage Center/Museum as an Unsung Heroine of Maryland. Griot’s are the oral vessels that flow generations of stories passionately from decade to decade. Grandmother Edna is a dedicated soul to these traditions. For upcoming events, call 443-683-4696.

We are going to start out by telling you about the KarmaFest, which has been at Oregon Ridge for 7 years, but have been in existence for 10 years. This year the KarmaFest is taking place on May 14 and 15 at Oregon Ridge Park in Hunt Valley, Maryland. They are expecting over 3,000 people per day. You will enjoy lots of music featuring:  Telesma, Troll Tribe, Unity Reggae Band, drumming, dancing, 150 vendors, over 50 lectures and workshops, good food, (vegan/vegetarian) and yoga. It is a truly a fun event to take the whole family. For ticket information go to:

For many of you who do not have access to a computer, I guess you have wonder like me, why they did not give a phone number. Terrible Situation! Has technology gone so far that you no longer use phone calls?

Greg Hatza with Sam King, Brian Kooken, and Robert Shahid, four fantastic, gifted musicians hanging out after their gig.

Well, honey child. If you are a jazz lover then “Jazzway 6004” is what you should put on your calendar. Yes this private club is open for their new season of live exquisite jazz shows. Their spring concerts are now listed on their new website; Highlights includes: Akua Allrich, soul singer, in May and Warren Wolf in June, just to name a couple. By the way, they are looking for volunteers for the May and June events and for the longer term, so email if you are interested. Jazzway6004 Lounge is located 6004 Hollins Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland  21210. For more information, call 410-952-4528.

Unity Reggae Band consists of: Mark Leary, Meredith Leary, David Saunier, Eddie Hrybyk, Devlin McDonald, Chitran Pavan, Shaka Wood and Tedd Zagan. They will be performing at the KarmaFest this weekend at Oregon Ridge.

Well, folks, I must go enjoy the photos and read the information I displayed on my page this week. Thanks for reading me every other week here in the Afro, “Rambling Rose” love you. Enjoy this wonderful weather God has giving us, even if it we do have the liquid sunshine, we are still blessed if you look at the news on what is going on in other parts of the world especially in Canada, you know we have nothing to complain about. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

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