Hip-hop manager Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond is on the run after federal authorities issued a warrant for his arrest, stemming from his involvement in a cocaine distribution case. The hip-hop mogul, who heads Czar Entertainment, manages the careers of rapper The Game and singers Akon and Brandy, among many others.

Authorities told The New York Post that the warrant was issued for Rosemond last week and he still has not been located. The manager’s lawyer, Jeffery Lichtman, told MTV News that he became aware of the arrest warrant through the Post report.

Lichtman said he has spoken to Rosemond since the news broke. He said he’s not surprised at the development, adding that they’ve been defending the issue in pre-indictment stages for quite some time.

“I don’t dispute the fact there is an arrest warrant, but I haven’t seen it,” Lichtman told MTV News. “I suppose they’re looking for him now, and when they find him, the case will start.” The attorney added that he didn’t know whether his client would surrender.

Rosemond has made headlines in the past. The New York Post published a report last year that deemed him an informant for law enforcement officials. While “snitching” is often looked down upon in the hip-hop industry, investigators called Rosemond a hypocrite after he provided information led to one man’s incarceration.