Rappers The Game and Drake plan to donate $22,500 to help an Ohio woman pay for the funerals of her five children and boyfriend who died in a mobile home fire.

The Game called the Burger King restaurant where the woman works Sept. 17 and asked what he could do to help her, a spokesman for the family said.

Anna Angel’s five children and her boyfriend were killed early Sept. 15 when a fast-moving fire tore through their mobile home in Tiffin, about 50 miles southeast of Toledo. Angel was working at the time and raced home on her bicycle when she learned of the fire. A funeral for the children was held Sept. 19.

“It’s just never right when they leave the earth early,” The Game said in a phone interview Sept. 18. “They shouldn’t make caskets that small.”

The Game said he told Angel’s boss that he and Drake each wanted to donate $10,000 and asked what else she needed.

When the rapper was told that Angel did not have a car, he added $2,500 more to the donation from the producers of his reality TV show, “Marrying The Game.”

Neighbors said after the fire that Angel’s only transportation was her bicycle and that she was often seen riding with her children behind in a bike trailer for kids.

“I weighed it against my life,” he said. “I can only imagine how difficult it is now.”

The Game said he was talking with Drake when he learned about the fire and that they immediately agreed to help Angel.

“When things like that happen, I never know what to say,” The Game said. “I send my heart, prayers and my love her way.”

The Game recently started a charity called The Robin Hood Project to help people in need. Representatives for the rappers have been in contact with a bank in northwest Ohio that is handling donations and expect to complete the transaction within the next two days, said Keith Hodkinson, the family spokesman.

Community members already have raised about $16,000 for the family.

Angel lost everything she owned in the fire, and the hope is that the fund will help her get back on her feet, Hodkinson said.

“She’s extremely grateful, touched,” he said. “But she’s still in shock.”

Donations can be sent to the Anna Angel Donation Fund, US Bank, 730 West Market St., Tiffin, Ohio 44883