I Hope He Fails
When shock jock Rush Limbaugh wished for President Barack Obama’s political demise shortly after he won the 2008 presidential election, legions of Americans followed his lead. It seemed race, religion and politics – a triumvirate spawning sorrow and wars worldwide – were at the forefront of America’s collective thoughts.

Meanwhile, Robert J. Walker, a self-described “working class educator,” was in Ethiopia training teachers. He returned to the United States after Obama’s election and was floored by the whirlwind of negativity surrounding the nation’s first Black president. Walker’s astonishment led to I Hope He Fails, a book that examines Obama as an impetus for the resurgence of hate groups, right-wing media and racism.

Walker shares his thoughts on these sensitive topics and also includes Christian rhetoric as he attempts to explore right-wing America’s antagonistic relationship with the commander-in-chief.

Final word: An Obama supporter’s breakdown of race and religion in modern day politics.

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Getting to Happy
We got to know them in Terry McMillan’s most popular release, Waiting to Exhale, then we saw them come to life on film with Whitney Houston, Lela Rochon, Angela Bassett and Loretta Devine. Now, Savannah, Robin, Bernie and Gloria are back in the sequel Getting to Happy.

Age, doomed marriages, deaths and illnesses have not tempered the feisty characters, who are now in their 50s and carrying the same emotional baggage from 15 years ago. Above all, most of the characters are struggling to develop lasting relationships with men.

Gloria, once overweight and unhappy with her love life, is happily married and seems to be the only content member of the group. Robin, the sassy business executive and former mistress, now has a headstrong teenager at home while Bernie, the scorned wife in Waiting to Exhale, is battling personal demons and another failed marriage. Even-tempered Savannah still enjoys a successful career, but her distant relationship with family takes a toll on her emotional state.

Final word: Readers’ literary reunion with four old “friends.”

Available Sept. 7 nationwide. The author will discuss her new book at the Montgomery College Center for the Performing Arts, 7995 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, Md., at 7 p.m. on Sept. 9. Purchase tickets at montgomerycollege.edu. For more information about the author, visit terrymcmillan.com.

Treachery in the Yard
Author Adimchinma Ibe has created an international suspense thriller with Treachery in the Yard, a Nigeria-based crime novel following the journey of Detective Tamunoemi Peterside.

When a bomb destroys the home of a wealthy gubernatorial candidate and a state judge’s wife – a possible to witness to the crime is found dead – Peterside finds himself at the beginning of a seemingly unsolvable case. As the body count grows, the detective finds himself in a war of wills against his superiors, who are not motivated to find the murderers. The savvy investigator later unveils layers of corruption and lies, but can no longer trust those closest to him.

Final word: A unique blend of suspense and culture from one of Nigeria’s newest authors.

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