Fresh off the success of her first novel, author Nikki Jenkins returns with a new tale that’s surely set to take readers on an unforgettable ride.

The Day Crazy Came to Dinner tells the story of a dysfunctional family as they prepare for their annual Thanksgiving feast. As most households use this day as an opportunity to come together in camaraderie, the Jeffries and their assortment of differences clash during the holiday. Included in the bunch is an alcoholic, a pre-surgery transvestite and an Internet porn abuser, among many other oddly-unique family members.

Ultimately, readers will get to see the outcome of the family’s celebration as secrets become exposed and hidden truths become revealed.

Jenkins’ latest tale follows the release of her book Playing with the Hand I was Dealt, which became a best-selling title and became an alternate selection in the Black Expressions Book Club.

Final Word: Edgy, witty and sharp story that will definitely keep readers on the edge of their seats.