In 1932, the AFRO staged a free Cooking School and Homemakers Institute for housewives, led by home economics expert Ms. Laura Kennedy. The day-to-day tasks of cooking and cleaning can be dull and get boring, but Kennedy will bring new methods, equipment, menus and recipes to share with the group. Since the free cooking school and homemakers institute was announced, many housewives in the community have expressed their gratitude for the event and heavily participated in each session.

Upper left (top) winners in cake baking contest, (l-r) Miss M.J. Clark, 1st; Miss M.L. Bond, 2nd; and Miss Alice West, 3rd. Prizes were boxes of soap and Phillips Packing Co. canned goods. Bottom: Miss Mildred Patterson, who won a radio, and Miss Hattie Robinson who won an 8-day clock offered by Schwartz Co. Upper right: Model kitchen built by The Washington Gas & Electric Co. on stage of Masonic Temple. Miss Laura Kennedy, conductor of school for the AFRO is standing in center. Lower left: real live models who were in the Charis Corset booth. Lower right: gas range won by Mrs. Ella Carter.

Who wouldn’t be happy when they just won a refrigerator? Mrs. Bernice Moore (kneeling) was the grand prize winner at the 28th Annual AFRO Cooking School and Home Service Show. Standing by is her sister, Miss Shirley Peterson.

As a bride should be.Mrs. Bernice Chatman, center, models costume for Carver’s Dress Shop during AFRO Cooking School.