Del. Boyce (right) and newly elected Del. Embry (left) won by large margins and will now be the two delegates observing recently named District 43A. Legislative District 43 of Maryland was split by redistricting in March. The “A” portion is a city district and “B” is now a county district. (Photo by Elizabeth Embry)

By Tashi McQueen,
AFRO Political Writer,
Report For America Corps Member,

Regina T. Boyce (D-MD-43A) and Elizabeth Embry are the projected representatives of District 43A although the Maryland State Board of Elections has not certified the results.

“The Boyce – Embry ticket was the strongest possible collaboration,” Nina Kasniunas, an associate political science professor at Goucher College, told the AFRO.

According to the unofficial board of elections results, Boyce and Embry won by a large margin.  Boyce received 47 percent of the votes and Embry received 45 percent. Their opponents, Republican candidate Gwendolyn O. Butler and Green Party candidate Renaud Deaundre Brown, received three and four percent of the votes, respectively.

“I’m so happy,” said Embry. “It was so much fun to run with a partner like Regina Boyce and have people like Maggie McIntosh helping and supporting us. I’m excited to be a part of the team.”

Maggie McIntosh once represented District 43 in Annapolis.

Boyce won her first  election as a delegate of District 43 this year.

“I’m excited about an all-women-run district,” said Boyce. “I called it from the beginning and it’s great to see it come to fruition.”

Boyce says she has ambitious plans for the upcoming legislative session.

“All Democratic and Black legislators are not going to get our way, but it will be a lot easier as we have a better partner for Baltimore city who understands that if Baltimore does not succeed, Maryland does not succeed,” Boyce said, referring to Maryland Gov.-elect Wes Moore.

With inauguration day  in January Maryland will have its first Black governor, first Black attorney general, Anthony Brown, and first female state comptroller, Brooke Lierman.

As a result of decennial redistricting, District 43 has been divided into sub-districts 43A and 43B. District 43B covers Baltimore County, including Towson University and Goucher College.

“We look forward to working with our new legislative delegation to benefit our students and surrounding communities,” said Tara de Souza, a Goucher College representative.

Using federal census data, Maryland lawmakers redrew the state’s legislative districts in the redistricting process, determining who is represented by whom.

Boyce and Embry will represent 43A while Del. Cathi Forbes (D-MD-43B) will cover 43B.

The Maryland Senate map did not split the 43rd District, meaning Sen. Mary Washington will be the senator for the entire area. 

New district maps were drawn and confirmed in March.

“Due to population decrease in Baltimore City we had to lose one delegate from District 43,” said Embry. 

Open Baltimore data shows that the city’s population decreased by four percent in 2010 and five percent in 2020.

Baltimore politicians often complain that the demographic shift reduces the amount of representation Baltimore residents receive. 

An excited Embry spoke about legislation she hopes to work on this coming January. 

“I’m still learning the nuts and bolts, but climate resilience, public safety, and reproductive rights are important for me looking ahead,” said Embry.

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