VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson has been set straight on Thanksgiving comfort food.

“The 700 Club” founder showed a clip of Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday. Robertson’s host, Kristi Watts, asked what dish the former secretary of state had to have on Thanksgiving. Rice replied macaroni and cheese.

Watts reacted enthusiastically, adding “Sister, that is my dish…”

Appearing perplexed, Robertson asked Watts, who is Black, of the women’s shared enthusiasm for mac ‘n’ cheese, “Is that a Black thing?”

Watts replied “It is a Black thing Pat. …The world needs to get on board.” The two laughed about it.

The exchange was posted on The Huffington Post and other blogs.

Robertson has a record of making provocative statements. He said Haiti was cursed one day after a devastating earthquake and that divorcing a spouse with Alzheimer’s disease is justifiable.

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