By Matthew Ritchie, Special to the AFRO

The Baltimore office of the AFRO has a couple of new interns (myself included) who are fully prepared to grow and gain experience at the storied newspaper. This article introduces you to the other intern who I work with, Ty’rique Sims.

Sims is a senior at Morgan State University in Baltimore, in addition to his internship. He has grown accustomed to the city during his time at Morgan. Baltimore is a stark departure for Sims because he hails from Somers Point, New Jersey, which he describes as “a small shore town.” Somers Point has a population of roughly 10,000 people.

Ty’rique Sims is one of the AFRO’s latest interns. He is majoring in journalism at Morgan State University. (Photo by Matthew Ritchie)

He left New Jersey to come to Morgan to pursue a degree in journalism. When asked why he chose this major, Ty’rique said, “My overall goal is to become a sports journalist. My love of sports led me to want to pursue a career in journalism.”

Asked when he realized that being a journalist was the career for him, Sims said, “I realized journalism was something I wanted to do my senior year of high school. My English teacher said that I spoke and wrote well, and that I should think about a career in journalism.”

This push from his English teacher, combined with his passion for sports, makes for an exciting concoction of drive and talent.

Similar to me, he finds solace in the world of sports and wants to make it his career. “My love for sports and being an athlete growing up,” Sims said is part of his motivation. He was a three sport athlete, playing basketball, football, and baseball. He wants to report on sports because he doesn’t play anymore; he stopped once he got to college, looking to contribute to the sports world using his writing talent.

When asked why he chose to apply for the internship he said, “I wanted to continue to gain more experience and work in a real newsroom.”

He chose the perfect place to gain valuable, journalistic experience. “The AFRO is a staple in Baltimore,” he said. “To have an opportunity to learn and grow in the profession and add to their legacy was a no-brainer for me.”

“My favorite aspect of journalism is interviewing people,” Sims said. “Whether it is for a good or bad reason, their story needs to be told and bringing it to light through broadcast or print is something that really excites me.”