By Sean Yoes
AFRO Baltimore Editor

Beatrice Odom Scott, a stalwart member of the venerable Ashburton community of Northwest Baltimore and a teacher in the Baltimore City Public Schools for decades died recently. According to friends she was 77. 

Scott, a native of Richmond, Va., was married to Patrick “Pat” Scott, a longtime political strategist and the youngest member of the group of Baltimore political and religious leaders known as “the Goon Squad.”

Beatrice Odom Scott (Courtesy Photo)

State Senator and mayoral candidate Jill P. Carter, who represents the community in which Scott lived, knew her and her family for decades.

On Dec. 21, Carter wrote the following in a Facebook post honoring Scott:

“Yesterday was a heartbreaking day. We lost Queen Mother Beatrice Odom Scott, longtime pillar of the Ashburton community. Among her many passions was her project to facilitate youth authorship to raise self-esteem and give them a sense of accomplishment I thank her for her love, passion and commitment to improving our community and uplifting young lives. My heart heart goes out to her family.”

Scott’s Facebook page, which is adorned with numerous posts honoring her life and legacy perhaps reveals her personal mantra and is particularly poignant in the wake of her death.

“Ancestors of yesterday and elders of today share the same message: “Life is a phenomenal gift.””

The family had not announced funeral arrangements for Scott by AFRO press time.

Sean Yoes

AFRO Baltimore Editor