A Seattle police officer will not face charges after video showed him punching a woman earlier this year.

Miyekko Durden-Bosley was punched in the face by Seattle police officer Adley Shepherd in June, breaking the orbital bone of her right eye, according to Seattle Fox affiliate KCPQ.

Shepherd, 38, responded to a domestic violence call claiming Durden-Bosley, 23, was intoxicated outside the home of her ex-boyfriend, the father of her three-year-old daughter.

Video from a police cruiser dashboard camera shows Durden-Bosley repeatedly saying that she did not make any threats. Shepherd is seen arresting her and placing her in a car. With the door still open, Durden-Bosley sticks her leg out, either grazing the officer or missing him completely. Shepherd then yells out “She kicked me,” and proceeds to lean inside of the car and punch Durden-Bosley in the face with sufficient force that he briefly falls on top of her.

“I honestly don’t remember if I kicked at Officer Shepherd, but the video speaks for itself,” Durden-Bosley said in an interview with Seattle NBC affiliate KING.

The King County Prosecutor’s Office announced Dec. 5 that it would not file criminal charges against Shepherd.

“While Officer Shepherd may have had other options or alternatives, we have concluded that we would be unable to prove that Officer Shepherd’s use of force was criminal,” prosecutors said according to KING

Shepherd had no visible injuries, while Durden-Bosley suffered an inflamed black eye, with blood visible in the white of her eye.

“I definitely do think he should have been charged with a crime,” Durden-Bosley told the television station. “It just hurts. It devastates. I’m hoping hold him accountable for his actions and dismiss him from the force.”