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    AME Church Celebrates Bicentennial at 50th Quadrennial Conference in Philadelphia

    Two centuries ago, former Delaware slave Richard Allen and other Black worshippers formed the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, fleeing discrimination in the segregated Methodist Church. Today, the AME Church has membership in 20...

    Local Bishop Candidate – Rev. Dr. Harry L. Seawright

    The Rev. Harry L. Seawright, a Prince George's County minister, is seeking to become a bishop in the AME Church at its 50th Quadrennial Session. The AME denomination is meeting in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from July 4-13 and...

    Local Bishop Candidate – Rev. Dr. Frank Reid

    The Rev. Frank M. Reid III, one who has used his religious clout to climb the ranks of popularity among Baltimore City’s Black church community, is the senior pastor of the widely recognized Bethel...



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