Friday, December 4, 2020
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New Bakery Opens in D.C.-Baltimore Sweet Spot

Business owner Adrienne Holmes has decided to have her cake and eat it, too. The self-taught baker recently opened her own storefront on Gorman Avenue in D.C.-Baltimore midpoint, Laurel. Her timing is impeccable, with the nation currently in a...

Painting the City Green

If Zandra and Dennis Chestnut have their way, urban communities in Washington D.C., will be full-fledged members of “gang green.” The couple owns the Center for Green Urbanism, an art-infused business incubator that provides office space to small to...

D.C.-Based Entrepreneur Honored Among Top Minority Business Owners

Laurie Collins, founder of technology, communications and multimedia solutions company LC Systems, has been selected to receive the prestigious “Top 100 Minority Business Enterprise Award.” The regional program acknowledges outstanding women and minority business owners in Virginia, the District,...

Local Woman Spices Up District with Flavorful Hot Sauces

Standing just a half inch over 5 feet, Monica Sanowar isn’t a very imposing figure. An olive-skinned woman with a motherly smile and calming voice, Sanowar gives off the guise of an innocent bystander incapable of harming a fly....

Help Your Child Succeed as a ‘Kid-Preneur’

(NNPA) - At what age should a child be given “the facts of life” – not the birds-and-bees facts, but the bottom line about what it will be like for him or her to make a living and a...

Handling it All: Local Woman Moonlights as Mom and Manager

What’s the next step in a down economy where jobs aren’t hiring and salaries aren’t climbing? Simple—take a page from Sharan Nixon’s playbook and form your own self-made conglomerate. The budding business mogul is a one-woman building crew. She...

Crash Dummies Celebrate 25-Year Anniversary

In the mid-1980s, crash test dummies Vince and Larry famously broke through America’s television sets as iconic reminders of seatbelt safety. With their catchy tagline of "You can learn a lot from a dummy, buckle your seatbelt," the two...

iPad Signals New Era in Business

Self-proclaimed digital advocate Mario Armstrong could turn even the most unprepared tech person into a computer whiz. Besides serving as the technology commentator for National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition,” the long time techie moonlights as an electronic educator of...

Drowning In Debt

You can call it the ripple effect, the domino theory or whatever you wish. When applied to debt, it simply means that one thing after another keeps coming, and generally it is not good news. When you are in...

Big Business Brokers and Investment Fees

Beginning in April 2010, some of the largest brokerage firms in the United States are imposing penalties on accounts that don't fall within a substantially high investment range. As part of a larger plan to focus only on those...

A Heart-to-Heart with America’s First Black Billionairess

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Sheila Crump Johnson is the only African-American female to enjoy ownership in three professional sports teams: the WNBA’s Washington Mystics, the NBA’s Washington Wizards and the NHL’s Washington Capitals. Furthermore, as CEO of Salamander Hospitality, a...

Local Entrepreneurs Turn Part-Time Jobs into Full-time Profit

As part of a three-part series, the AFRO is profiling up-and-coming entrepreneurs who are growing popular businesses while juggling traditional nine-to-five careers, spouses and children. This month, Baltimore-based shoe designer Cash Hollis shares how she turned her flair for...


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