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    87 Year Old Washington Resident Votes for Her 12th President

    WASHINGTON -- Flossie Young has been voting for a long, long time, as far back as 1944 when she cast her ballot for President Franklin D. Roosevelt. And she has been voting religiously ever...

    Cardin, Cummings, Sarbanes and Other Incumbents Coast to Re-Election

    Democrat John Delaney on Tuesday night was poised to end Rep. Roscoe Bartlett’s 10-term reign in the U.S. House of Representatives on an election night that otherwise featured no surprises among Maryland’s federal races. Bartlett,...

    Obama was world’s clear choice

    He won, and the word "phew" trended worldwide on Twitter. Despite a hard-fought campaign in the United States, there was never any contest overseas. Gone are the days when President Barack Obama was seen as...

    Election 2012 Victor Faces Redoubled Black Agenda

    That’s the item at the top of the Black political agenda for the next four years. Throughout the recent recession African Americans have outpaced other groups in joblessness. The most recent data show that,...

    Election 2012: An Electorate Divided by Race

    The role of race in President Obama’s re-election is difficult to pin down, political analysts say, although national exit polls suggest a divided electorate. “Race is a factor, but it was a complicated series of...



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