By Tilesha Brown, Special to the AFRO

U.S. Senator, Ben Cardin (D-Md.), made a stop at Baltimore’s New Shiloh Baptist Church March 26 to talk to the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Baltimore & Vicinity about the work he said still needs to be done.

“We need you,” he said to the group of ministers and associates. “The moral direction of America is being challenged.”

Sen. Ben Cardin spoke at Baltimore’s New Shiloh Baptist Church about preventing gun violence. (Photo by Gregory K. Adams, Sr.)

Cardin said he needs faith leaders more than ever because of the environment in Washington, where he says moral leadership is lacking. He blamed President Trump for worsening issues of public safety, education and economic opportunity.

“It’s been very difficult with this president— extremely difficult,” Cardin said, “When I work with my Republican colleagues and get something done, the president seems to undermine us all the time.”

Trump, famously, frequently changes his mind on policy and often agrees with whomever was in the room last with him.

Cardin, who attended the anti-gun March for Our Lives March 24, said he wants to get military weapons off the street and have universal background checks.

“And for Lord’s sake, let’s not arm our teachers. Let’s not put more guns in our schools.”