Senior Guide Profile
Inez Auggins Watson, 75
Two-time breast cancer survivor
Medical administrator, retired
Physical fitness trainer, currently
Married to her childhood sweetheart, Earl C. Watson Sr.
4 children, 13 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren

What excites you about life?
Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior who has been absolutely wonderful. He’s laid his hands on me and told me that as long as I keep my mind focused on him my path is straight. And that gives me the greatest joy. Being able to put life into its proper perspective. Knowing where to place your priorities.

What keeps you young?
My thought process. My physical activities keep me young. The theme for training is focusing first spiritually, then mentally then physically. Because I feel you have to have the right spiritual attitude, knowing your body is God’s temple. That will manifest into your mind so that you can then focus on the physical training.

How did your passion for physical fitness?
At 6 years old I became a swimmer. That was the beginning of my physical activity career. After swimming, I became a gymnast, a majorette and a cheerleader. In spite of pursuing a different profession, I’ve always managed to stay physically active and to teach others.

And I was determined that when I retired my life wouldn’t be sedentary and I would use my God-given skills to teach others to be healthy through exercise. I teach yoga stretch, low impact aerobics, chair and mat pilates and weight training. And I still teach swimming every summer to at least 80 children and give private lessons.

What makes you sad?
When people disrespect me.

Who do you love?
First, God. Then myself. Husband and children, grandchildren and great grands are next.

What book are you reading?
I read the Bible every day. I read Self magazine and my fitness training book. And I’m reading a book of poems by Helen Steiner Rice. I’m always reading a couple of books at the same time.

What’s your next big thing?
I’m a fashion show coordinator for Studio A Modeling Etiquette and Dance Academy, and this year we’ll celebrate 15 years. It’s owned and operated by my daughter Adrienne (Watson Carver). That’s a family affair. But the biggest event this year is the Studio A Scholarship Foundation Cotillion Ball which will be in March. This raises funds for scholarships for junior and senior high school students in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

What’s your church?
I’ve been a member of Calvary Baptist Church, 3900 Garrison Blvd, for 12 years and my pastor is Dr. Stephen J. Russell Jr.