By Sean Yoes, AFRO Baltimore Editor,

Less than two weeks ago he was fighting for his life aided by machines in an Intensive Care Unit, after being shot several times during a brazen attack in broad daylight. Yesterday (Aug. 21), he emerged from the hospital to a hero’s welcome.

It was an emotional scene when Sgt. Issac Carrington exited The University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center on a gurney, as he saluted a phalanx of Baltimore Police Department (BPD) officers, various other law enforcement agents and other first responders. According to officials Carrington still has a long, arduous road to full recovery.

Sgt. Issac Carrington, a 22-year veteran of the BPD. (Courtesy Photo @BaltimorePolice/Twitter)

“I’ve been doing this for 35 years. I can’t tell you the number of police officers I’ve cared for,” said Dr. Thomas Scalea , as his voice crackled with emotion. “It’s a lot between New York and Baltimore. I take care of every one, I do it myself because that’s the way it is. But, every time we do this it’s incredibly anxiety provoking. The whole city is watching and these are our family members as far as I’m concerned. The police, he’s my brother, they’re my sisters, they’re everything,” Scalea added. 

“And I just can’t tell you how proud I am of all of my staff for stepping up once again in the face of another city tragedy…and getting Sgt. Carrington off to the next level of his care. He’s got a ways to go. He’s got a lot of rehab that he is going to need to do. But, we are going to be with him, as will his police family until the very end of this. And by God, we’re going to get him through it to the best shape possible.” 

On Aug. 8, Carrington was standing on his lawn in the 5600 block of Summerfield Ave. in Northeast Baltimore. He was talking to a neighbor when a car pulled up to the two men, allegedly at least one man wearing a mask jumped from a vehicle believed to be an Acura, and demanded Carrington and his neighbor turn over their possessions in a robbery attempt.  

“The neighbor threw what items of value he had to the ground and took off running. Sgt. Carrington began running in the opposite direction,” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison during a press conference on Aug. 8.

“The gunman gave chase and shot Sgt. Carrington multiple times. The gunman got back into the vehicle at which time the driver of the vehicle drove north on Summerfield Road then turned west on Todd Avenue,” Harrison added.

A massive manhunt ensued and within 24 hours an arrest was made. However, those two suspects were released after questioning. No other arrests have been made in the shooting of Sgt. Carrington.

Sean Yoes

AFRO Baltimore Editor