Rev. Dr. William E Johnson Jr. speaks as he officially steps into the role of pastor of Baltimore’s famed Sharon Baptist Church.

By AFRO Staff

For those who’ve known and worshiped at Sharon Baptist Church in West Baltimore, history was made, Nov. 12 when the Rev. Dr. William E. Johnson, Jr., formerly the pastor of the church, was consecrated as lead pastor. Johnson is only the fifth in the church’s history to be named to the position. He stepped up
to fill the void left by his former mentor, friend and Sharon Baptist senior pastor of 30 years, the late Rev. A. C. D. Vaughn, who died March 19.

The Sharon community is quite familiar with the ministry of Rev. Johnson, as he has been a member of the church community for years. He has been fluent in the language of the community and served within and beyond the walls of Sharon Baptist. Johnson continues to build on the story begun many years ago by the Rev. William M. Alexander, who pastored in 1892. That same year, the AFRO American Newspapers was born after a merger of local newsletters, to include a publication from Sharon Baptist.