About a month after her abrupt dismissal from government services, Shirley Sherrod was back in Washington, about a job. And she turned it down.

According to reports, Sherrod was offered a job in Washington, to deal with discrimination within the USDA. When she declined that offer, she was offered her previous position. She refused that as well.

After meeting with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Aug. 24 for about 90 minutes, according to the Washington Post, Sherrod and Vilsack held a brief, joint press conference. Sherrod thanked Vilsack and said she enjoyed her work at the USDA. Saying she wanted to see the work continued, she added, “I just don’t think at this point, with all that has happened, I can do that either in the new position that was offered or as State Director of Rural Development in Georgia.”

According to the {Washington Post}, Sherrod said, during a phone interview, “The secretary is committed to dealing with the issues of discrimination in his agency, but he is one person. You’re dealing with discrimination that has been there through the years and a lot of it is systematic, so that’s a tall order. …

“If the secretary was the only person to deal with it, it would be one thing, but there is so much more. There are so many layers to deal with in the department.”

Vilsack said during the news conference that the responsibility for the decision was his and he apologized to Sherrod. “I know he’s apologized, and I accept it. A new process is in place, but I don’t want to test it,” she said. “I look forward to some sort of relationship with the department in the future.”