WHUT TV will present the television premiere of SNAPSHOT: A true story of love and invasion on June 10.

An award-winning, one-woman play written and performed by Mitzi Sinnott, SNAPSHOT shares her literal and figurative journey to find her father, a veteran haunted by his experience in Vietnam. It is a poignant, autobiographical pilgrimage shaped by race, war, and mental illness.

Through SNAPSHOT, Sinnott tells a story that is both intensely personal and tragically common. Portraying a variety of characters, Sinnott, the daughter of a Black man and White woman from Central Appalachia, evokes the singular places and personalities that make her story so compelling and unique. At the same time, she remains mindful that her father’s story is just one of hundreds of thousands of veterans, whose lives and families were similarly devastated by war and the failure to treat their invisible, but nonetheless crippling, wounds.

SNAPSHOT was born in 2003, when Sinnott was invited to perform at an anti-war event in New York City. After agreeing to participate, Sinnott asked herself, “What do I know about war?” This question led her to a family photo album, and as she looked at the snapshots of her estranged father, who was drafted and sent to Vietnam before her birth, Sinnott realized that war had shaped the course of her entire life.

She resolved to make sense of this painful legacy, and to reconnect with her father, Lorenzo Batts, Jr., whom she had not seen since 1978.