United Way of Central Maryland will bring together more than 130 local organizations and 2,000 community volunteers to aid those experiencing homelessness in Baltimore City and the surrounding area at its sixth annual Project Homeless Connect. On October 12 volunteers will be matched one-on-one with a homeless adult or family to guide them to the services they need the most. The event’s second day scheduled for October 13 and will feature a 65-chair Mission of Mercy dental clinic that offers cleanings, fillings and extractions available to attendees.

In addition to the dental clinic, more than 130 services will be available at the event, ranging from an expungement clinic and eyeglass medical screenings and fittings, housing information and employment programs to haircuts, legal services, identification cards and more. For more information, please contact: Harry Hammel, Sandy Hillman Communications at hhammel@hillmanpr.com, (443) 880-8877