(Baltimore, MD) –  “Soul Revival: A Poetic and Visual Experience of Renewal,” an art exhibit co-sponsored by Meroe Art Gallery and Authentic Contemporary Art, opens on May 1 and extends through Aug. 1 at the Meroe Art Gallery in Baltimore.

The free opening reception is May 1 from 6 to 9 p.m., featuring poetry performances and visual art presentations from some of the most accomplished and creative artists and poets on the East Coast. The Meroe is located at 1623 West North Ave.

One of Baltimore’s own, Nina “Lyrispect” Ball, will be returning home from Philadelphia to perform for the opening reception of Soul Revival. Also performing are nationally recognized spoken word artists including Dehejia Maat, Stephanie Renee, Bonnie MacAllister, Cherrie Amour and AlLan King. Poets in the exhibition wrote pieces inspired by the artwork on display. The opening reception will reflect a powerful visual and poetic call for renewal that we hope will inspire everyone.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to curate a show featuring emerging visual artists and poets in the metropolitan, Washington-Baltimore area,” said curator Sharon Burton, founder of Authentic Contemporary Art, in a statement.” The opening reception on May 1 will feature emerging visual artists and various types of art, from abstract to realism. In addition, guests will enjoy spoken word performances by some of the East Coast’s most-prolific poets.”

For more information, visit Authentic Contemporary Art (ACA) online at www.authenticartonline.com or follow ACA on Twitter www.Twitter.com/ArtVisions. Learn more about the Meroe Art Gallery at http://www.meroeart.com/.