Anthony Scott, Executive Director at Southwest Partnership of Baltimore (Courtesy Photo)

Baltimore, MD (Friday, January 15, 2021) —Southwest Partnership President  Richard Parker and the Board of Directors are pleased to announce the appointment  of Anthony Scott as the organization’s next Executive Director. Scott joined the  partnership in 2018 after working in the Baltimore Mayor’s Office and the city’s Finance and Budget offices. He formerly worked for the United States Agency for  International Development (USAID) in Washington, D.C. and holds a Bachelor’s  degree in Government from Georgetown University and a Master’s in Public  Administration from Columbia University in New York. 

“Tony Scott brings a wealth of experience, energy and ideas to this position and we  are excited to have him take the helm of Southwest Partnership. Our expectation is  that he will build on the groundwork laid by former director Michael Seipp and  further our mission of protecting the interests of our member neighborhoods and  organizations and improving the quality of life throughout Southwest Baltimore,”  said Board President Richard Parker. 

“I am very honored to accept this incredible  opportunity and look forward to enhancing our initiatives and programs throughout  Southwest Baltimore,” said Anthony Scott. “Our work is driven by the voices and  dreams of our member organizations and I look forward to helping write the next  chapter of the Southwest Partnership’s remarkable history.” 

Scott succeeds Michael  Seipp, a longtime nonprofit and public sector leader who served as Southwest  Partnership Executive Director for five years. 

Southwest Partnership is a coalition of residents, business owners, and institutions  and the neighborhoods of Barre Circle, Franklin Square, Hollins Roundhouse,  Mount Clare, Pigtown, Poppleton and Union Square working together to build an  awesome community in Southwest Baltimore.