Fashion trends do funny things. What is in one day would be embarrassing to wear the next, like Doc Martens boots, casually known as Docs. Now popular for students to wear in Baltimore and other areas, Docs are a not-so-new shoe trend having a large impact on teenage girls and guys in the year 2012.

Here’s a little history; back in the day, Docs were worn by punk rockers and Skinheads. According to, Docs were invented in 1960 by a German man named Klaus Martens. Working people wore them. The Skinhead movement, which began in Britain in the 1960s, where the mod scene met the hippy scene, wore them. Skinheads supposedly represented the working class of America, but many were violent, aggressive racists. Recalling history, the 1960s wasn’t the Black and White jungle fever affair we live in today.

Today, Black teenagers are wearing Docs. Girls wear them in bright colors. Black teenage owners of Docs wear them as an act of conformity. Girls say they’re “cute.” Guys say they’re “cool” and “different.” When told of the shoes’ history, the teens said they felt “awkward” but the majority weren’t offended enough to boycott Docs.

But is this really surprising? Fitting in is key to a successful teen resume and Docs are in. 


Charlee Jones

AFRO Teen Correspondent