J.R. Fenwick and his company FLip That Stock will be teaching beginner investors on how to make money. (Courtesy photo)

By Blacknews.com

J.R. Fenwick, an expert investor and the founder of FLip That Stock, a Black-owned stock market education and technology company, hosted a special webinar that taught beginners how to invest and trade stocks. The webinar was held on Nov. 22 at 8:15 p.m., and featured J.R. himself with a leading Wall Street expert to host a special nationwide webinar called Sneek Peek.

The webinar taught beginners how the stock market works and then gave them access to daily and weekly stock picks and recommendations by a leading stock investing expert on their private social media site.

FLip That Stock is an African-American owned company and leading stock market education and technology company that specializes in teaching beginners how to invest and trade stocks.

Everyday people hear about the stock market, however, few people really understand how it works and how to “actively” buy and sell stocks. African Americans, in particular, are not taking advantage of the stock market. Statistics show that African Americans are 35% less likely to get involved in the stock market as Whites of the same income. Another study said, “It’s sad, really, because those who are not in the stock market are much poorer as a result. It’s a big reason for the wealth gap.”

FLip That Stock is changing that.

“I’m so excited about the Sneak PEEK webinar because now African Americans will have the opportunity to have a sneak peek behind the curtain to see what stocks top stock investors on Wall St are recommending to their high net worth clients and beginners will be able to invest in those stocks too!”

FLip That Stock’s mission is simple: teach beginners how the stock market works and how to actively invest and trade stocks and network with “like-minded” people to enhance their finances and quality of life.

For more information on seminars that will enlighten, educate and entertain. He can be contacted at FLipThatStock@gmail.com.


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