Students at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania will now have easy access to the Plan B or “morning after” pill thanks to a new vending machine in the school’s health center.

According to the Associated Press, Shippensburg University, in south central Pennsylvania recently installed a vending machine, which also contains condoms, pregnancy tests and decongestants.

The university’s student association requested the installation of the machine after a survey found that 85 percent of students supported it. School officials said the new machine efficiently protects students’ privacy and can’t be accessed by non-students.

“The machine is in a private room in our health center and the health center is only accessible by students,” university spokesman Peter Gigliotti said in a statement, according to the AP. “In addition, no one can walk in off the street and go into the health center. Students proceed to a check-in desk located in the lobby and after checking in are granted access to the treatment area.”

Students can purchase the pill for $25 and the university will not profit from sales.

The Plan B pill cut the chances of pregnancy up to 89 percent if taken within 72 hours of sex. It is currently available to women 17 years and older without a prescription.

Despite numerous national reports on the new machine, Dr. Roger L. Serr, vice president for student affairs, said in a statement that Shippensburg is not the first institution to make the Plan B pill readily available to its students, according to CBS affiliate WHP-TV.

“We are not the first one to make Plan B available so this is not unique to us or to public higher education,” he said. “This decision was also made in consultation with our medical staff.”

He later added, “We will continue to work with our students to provide them with a wide range of academic, pastoral and personal counseling and other support services while they are members of the Shippensburg University Community.”