Article11 Associate Pastor Murder Suspect

Police are looking for this man in the killing of Latrina Ashburne, an associate pastor at Kingdom Harvest Christian Center. (Photo courtesy Baltimore Police Department)

On May 27 at 7:30 a.m.,  Latrina Ashburne, 41, was getting into her car on the 2900 block of Rosalind Ave. in Baltimore when she was shot and killed by an unidentified man, police said during a recent press conference.

Ashburne was an associate pastor of Kingdom Restoration Center on York Road and a teacher’s aide at Francis Scott Key Elementary School.  

TJ Smith, director of media relations for the Baltimore Police Department, said during the press conference, “This is a woman who doesn’t have a criminal record and was not in trouble with the law. This is a woman who was involved with the Baltimore City Schools and doing things in her community. This is someone you would want as your neighbor, someone you would want in your community.”

Rev. Christian Hall, head pastor of Kingdom Restoration, told WJZ-TV: “It’s hard, it’s hard, because for someone to just take a life, and someone in the community, a law abiding upstanding citizen in the community, we just don’t understand why. Right now, I have to move past the hurt, I have to move past the bitterness because it’s really at this point about finding the person, getting justice served and moving on with our lives.” 

Police released a video of the suspect walking towards Ashburne on the morning she was killed. Authorities are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect.